Work History

Feb 2020 - Current

UI&UX Designer & Creative Director

Daca Social Media

As Creative Director and UI/UX Designer, I lead a digital marketing agency comprised of 4 talented professionals. In our collaborative dynamic, we specialize in comprehensive services ranging from Branding to web design, as well as social media management and online reputation. Going beyond, my focus extends to specializing in UI/UX design, where I've executed significant projects for both national and international clients. This duality of strategic leadership and technical expertise has been the key to the agency's success, distinguishing us in crafting impactful digital experiences and building strong brands in the digital realm.

2019 - 2020

Digital Marketing Manager

Werku Tools

I spearheaded the digital transformation of the company, excelling in the digitization of the product catalog through photography, video, and editorial design. I implemented effective weekly mailing strategies and optimized products on both the website and marketplaces, enhancing online presence. I closely collaborated with warehouse personnel to improve the order preparation system on marketplaces, achieving notable operational efficiency. My comprehensive approach and strategic skills significantly contributed to the company's success in the digital realm, making a positive impact on customer experience and business outcomes.

MAR 2016 - JAN 2018

Digital Marketing Manager

Surfari Hookah Tobacco

I led the online marketing strategy, encompassing social media management, the creation of impactful content, and the execution of email campaigns. I developed the design of the website and online store. Additionally, I conducted the rebranding and created all new packaging for the brand. In summary, my strategic approach and multidisciplinary skills contributed to success in the digital realm, strengthening the online presence and generating positive business outcomes.

FEB 2015 - FEB 2016

Graphic & Web Designer

Coreti Etiquetas

I undertook design optimization tasks and prepress work for various label production machines. I served as the creative architect behind the development and design of the website, ensuring a visually striking and functional user experience. Furthermore, my skills extended to crafting engaging content for social media and mailing, strengthening the brand's digital presence. My meticulous focus on prepress ensured quality and consistency in printed materials, while my creative vision transformed the online presence, fostering an effective connection with the audience. As a multidisciplinary professional, I played a key role in the successful projection of the company in both the graphic and digital realms.

2011 - 2020

Graphic & Web Designer / Social Media


As a Freelancer, I've undertaken branding projects, shaping brands with comprehensive services. From designing websites to creating vibrant content for social media, I've crafted a cohesive narrative for diverse brands. My experience as a Community Manager has allowed me to learn and forge authentic connections between brands and their audience. Additionally, I've designed flyers and stationery, leaving a visually striking mark on festivals, albums, and concert venues. Each project is an opportunity to blend creativity and strategy, showcasing my versatility and commitment to excellence. As an independent professional, my focus has been on enhancing the visual identity and digital presence of brands, generating memorable and authentic results.

Education / Courses

Advanced UI/UX Design


User Experience & User Interface MASTER


Graphic Design & Web

PC Carrier

Printing and prepress in Graphic Arts

IES Calvo Sotelo

Design Skills



Sketch / Figma


mkt Skills

Project Management

CM / Social media


Css / Html


Sergio Morales

Sergio Morales

CTO / 5 Flames

Adrian has successfully redirected his creativity and exceptional graphic design skills towards new technologies, delivering interface designs and user experiences tailored for iOS and Android mobile platforms. After more than 10 years exploring various alternatives, Adrian has been the cornerstone responsible for all designs of Five Flames Mobile apps for over 2 years.

Adrián Rego

Adrián Rego

Art director / Arf Studio

Efficient and hardworking! Yes, hardworking, because a worker adheres to parameters, while Adri is a hard worker who doesn't mind getting hands dirty to get the job done on time and in the best possible way. We have collaborated on several occasions, working on projects where we were on equal footing and others where one had authority over the other; we've never had the slightest issue. It's easy to communicate with him, he's clear about things, and has a constant hunger for knowledge.